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By April 14, 2022No Comments

Jacob Lozano – Watermelon Short Cook by 710 Labs. It tastes good, smells good, and feels good! I also like that 710 Labs also has the “matching” Persey Sauce that is made from the same flower.
Keither Dodds – Gary Payton by Cookie. I chose this because the strain is named after a professional basketball player who was born in Oakland. Additionally, it has a great taste, the terpenes are phenomenal, and the color has a 2005 Granddaddy Purple look to it. Finally, it’s a locally grown and operated brand!
Jamie Phelps – Mochi a Sherbinski strain because it is the most interesting terpene profile I’ve ever tasted, especially on the exhale. It’s creamy! It’s an indica leaning hybrid that comes from the cookie family.

Alex F – Delivery Driver: Alien OG. It sedates the body for a very relaxing high, and is perfect for recovering or winding down. It has a very strong cerebral high that stimulates creativity, and leaves me wondering about life’s biggest questions. This is perfect for artists and philosophers

Jake S – Floor Supervisor: Korova Whitewalker. It’s dense and covered in resinous trichomes. This 50/50 hybrid will have you stuck on the couch if you smoke too much of it, but if lightly toked on will have a nice productive high. This cross of SFV OG and Triangle Kush, and is a winner in all categorie

Alejandro R – Floor Supervisor: My favorite strain would have to be Kosher Kush because of how immediately calming it is upon the first hit. The taste is so reminiscent of the old school OGs I remember smoking when I was younger. If I need to relax at the end of the night it’s perfect or if even if I’m out having a beer with some friends. It’s the perfect social strain….or…..

Alejandro’s Bonus RecommendationMichuacan Kush because that is where my family is from. It is very rare to get in California now due to legalization. It’s now mostly exported to New York, Miami, Detroit, Chicago. By the time it gets there the skunky dirty smell really comes out, and has some hints of diesel fuel which stem from the exhaust pipes it was smuggled in. If you’re lucky to find this strain, it’s a classic!

Matthew H, Floor Supervisor: OG Kush. This Ocean Grown original beauty has a meaty and fragrant breakdown.  The combination of spicy, pine, and gas undertones take you on an indica dominant roller coaster from the pantry to the couch.  Enjoy this ride! =)

Gabriel B, Floor SupervisorMAC One  –  Miracle Alien Cookies (M.A.C). With a dank gassy musk and citrus highlights, M.A.C has a powerful energetic buzz that is perfect for the person looking for uplifting euphoric effects to help relax the mind while energizing at the same time. Great for weekend mornings or after work, going out for the night, medical patents have used MAC for chronic pain, stress, or even migraines. High tolerance users are able to enjoy the strain without extreme appetite.

Abby W, Budtender:  Sherbert – Right now I’m in love with Sherbert. It’s Girl Scout Cookies on steroids. The effects are an all around fun, giggly, and relaxed high that is still functional. When I smoke Sherbet, life is good. High quality Shebert smells just like the dessert it is named after, and is tasty too. 

Aqeel S, Budtender: 3X Crazy – A triple threat indica mixing OG Kush, GDP, and Bubba Kush.  I love it for its dense sticky buds, and immediate effects of relaxation.  From the first puff to the last ash this is a flower that does not disappoint.