What Is a Hybrid Cannabis Strain?

Hybrid strains are created by blending sativa and indica strains. As a result, a hybrid lineage provides a more even effect between the more “heady” properties of sativa and the more bodily-felt effects of indica. 

We’ll dive deeper into the hybrid lineage in this short guide. If you want to learn more about hybrid strains in general, one of the best ways is to reach out and learn from any of our expert budtenders. blüm has the best flower in California, come in today and try it for yourself or order online from our Santa Ana, Oakland, and San Leandro locations!

What Are the Effects of Hybrid Strains?

The effects of a hybrid strain, as with any THC-heavy cannabis, vary according to each individual. Hybrids, in particular, will vary even more widely based on the balance of indica and sativa present. As a result, hybrid strains can be broken down into sativa- or indica-dominant hybrids, where the correlating effect will match the ratio of sativa to indica. Generally, you can expect the following effects from either:

  • Sativa-dominants provide more heady, attention-capable sensations that are the hallmark of sativa with a smaller amount of bodily-felt relaxation typical of indica. These are great for any mentally stimulating activity where you need to stay a bit grounded at the same time.
  • Indica-dominants are just the opposite, providing a more substantial level of a “body high” yet still providing a decent amount of mental acuity. This would be a better choice when you need to decompress but don’t want to feel plastered to your couch or start dozing off.

There are also 50-50 hybrids, which fall right in the middle – you’ll have an outstanding balance of groundedness while feeling alert enough to pursue tasks and be creative. If you’ve never tried a hybrid before, a 50-50 hybrid is a great place to start.

What’s the Difference between Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid?

Predominantly indica or sativa strains are noted for their emphasis on a more bodily or mental high, respectively. Attendant to the bodily-felt effects of indica is a pleasant cessation of runaway thoughts, while the much more mental effects of sativa can be described as inspiring or alert. There is virtually always going to be a little of each, no matter how dominant a strain is – but with hybrids, both indica and sativa are present in much more equal amounts. This allows our expert growers to produce a hybrid lineage with more control over the exact effects any given strain will have.

Why Choose a Balanced Cannabis Strain?

Hybrid strains provide the perfect combination of mental inspiration and bodily relaxation. Because their genetics have been selected for their combination of sativa and indica, neither of the two compounds will dominate, resulting in more moderate effects. You could say a hybrid allows you to feel more grounded while enabling an alert mind.

As a result, most people who reach for a hybrid are those looking for the middle ground. It can be a great choice when the day is winding down, but it’s not so late that you want to cease activities just yet.

Why Choose blüm?

At every one of our locations, we stock a wide variety of the most refined hybrid strains so that our customers can select the right balance of psychoactive compounds for them. Medical cannabis patients rely on finding the proper effects in just the right amounts, and hybrid strains enable them to fine-tune this even further. Rec customers also love having the ability to control the exact tone of their experience more effectively and adjust their choice according to their plans and the type of activities they’ll be using it for.

Shop Hybrid Products at blüm

One of the most amazing things about cutting-edge growing techniques is the proliferation of exciting and unique hybrid strains. There is no shortage of variations to try, and it can be very insightful to explore the different balances between indica and sativa as you see how your body and mind respond to each. We invite you to mix it up at any of our locations or shop online at our Santa Ana, Oakland, and San Leandro locations! blüm, California’s favorite dispensary, has just the right hybrid blends for you. Get yours today.

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