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What Is the Cannabis Strain, Indica?

The indica plant lineage is known for its calming and internal high, and it’s the preferred strain for people seeking to relax and for medical patients suffering from conditions like anxiety, nerve, or other chronic pains. Those seeking a quick primer of basic indica information have come to the right place! blüm is one of the most trusted dispensary names in California due to our kind and thoughtful approach to helping our guests discover more during their journey into the healing world of cannabis. If, after reading, you still have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to reach out at your earliest convenience.

What Are the Effects of Indica Strains?

Indica is known for its less cerebral high, lending to more body sensations of relaxed being and ease. Described as both sedate and sensual, the “body high” of indica will make you much less inclined to run around, laugh, and play. Instead, the desire to unwind will set in as you let the day’s thoughts dissipate into a greater need to regenerate and restore. As a result, indica strains are perfect for those wishing to regulate themselves into a parasympathetic nervous system mode to allow one’s internal body wisdom to take over.

They are also the preferred lineage when engaging in simple self-nurturing practices like enjoying a relaxing bath, receiving a massage, or doing gentle yoga – and all the more excellent for in-depth internal practices like recovering from acute stressors or latent trauma in a safe and supportive environment. The effect of indica is, in a word, somatic. The mind’s way of imprinting experiences on one’s body may become more evident as your mental tensions subside and give way to a more direct experience with bodily sensations – and all in the most comfortable way (just make sure to dose with self-attentive care).

What Is the Difference Between Indica and Sativa Plants?

Because the indica lineage is more felt than sensed, it invokes less of the cliché image of fun-loving pals having a raucously good time at a party or festival – that would be the hallmark of a high-potency and enlivening sativa. On the contrary, you can liken indica to the “couch-lock” style of erasing the world’s worries with your most cherished people or tapping into your lofty inner temple while taking it one mindful step at a time.

As you compare the two side by side, you’ll notice that Indica-rich buds have darker purple or reddish little “hairs” throughout the herb. If you see a darker bud, chances are it’s heavier on the Indica side, unlike Sativa buds, which are brighter and have more orange or yellowish stamen. As for the scent, a Sativa strain gives off a lighter, field-like scent (as though auto-poetically enmeshed with its lighter, heady high) – an Indica strain will be obvious from a much more pungent aroma, like the earthen musky scent of rich, living soil after a heavy period of rainfall.

Peace and Indica for the blüm!

All of our locations carry only the finest strains of Indica-dominant flower, joints, tinctures, and more so you can find the right blend for you. With equal parts ease and expertise, our accommodating and approachable staff come from a company culture of passion and people-first service. For first-timers needing a thoughtful guide or green veterans seeking out the latest strains from our world-class growers, you’ll find something waiting here for you at blüm. We have a deep commitment to scouting out the most effective and exciting Indica strains, and that’s why Certificates of Authenticity accompany all of our products. For countless reasons, the people have made us the most trusted dispensaries in California, and it’s a privilege we don’t take lightly.

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It’s essential to ease your way through life from time to time, and most of us can use a steady stream of help as we go. Never fear because plant medicine is here! Nothing quiets the mind and activates the relaxed power of our body’s internal wisdom like a high-potency Indica strain. blüm specializes in numerous cannabis products with varying levels of Indica-Sativa balance. Meet us at any of our locations or shop online at our Santa Ana, Oakland,or  San Leandro locations today, and know that you’ve got the very best dispensary at your back.

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