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What Is the Cannabis Strain, Sativa?

The sativa plant lineage is long-heralded as the plant of choice for brightening one’s day and lightening the load, especially for those with conditions such as depression, grief, and other complex feelings. If you just need a quick rundown of basic sativa information, look no further! After learning more about sativa strains, get in touch with blüm with any questions – our friendly and knowledgeable staff love to meet new customers and learn what our regular clientele have been up to.

What are the effects of Sativa strains?

It could be said that the sativa lineage has the effects of an “upper,” in that sativa-dominant strains tend to make one want to engage in mentally stimulating activities. Sativa is your friend; whether you are out with your friends, visiting your favorite natural space on a bright day, or trying to remain focused on the tasks at hand, sativa is your friend. Sativa is widely appreciated for its euphoric elements, but with the assistance of plant medicine instead of more harmful substances.

Sativa is the go-to recreational choice for those simply wishing to enjoy their day a little more as they lose track of time and tap into the inspiration of their muse. By selecting the correct dose for you, the effects of sativa strains range from mildly lighthearted to noticeably giddy laughter. Side effects may include needing to forcibly contain your joy, lest the muscles in your face get too much of a workout. When doing your favorite things in the best company, sativa helps you enjoy the good things in life a little more – that’s why blüm carries a wide variety of products that are convenient and more discrete.

What’s the Difference Between Sativa and Indica Plants?

The sativa and indica lineages are both excellent depending on one’s intention. The hallmark of a high-potency sativa blend is an awake and aware, sympathetic nervous system operation where one can still maintain higher mental faculties. It’s associated with focus and activity and, therefore, often described as a more “heady” effect. A potent indica, on the other hand, invokes the standard cliché of melting into one’s couch or otherwise “zoning out” while partaking in its sedative qualities, which come with a thicker, more pungent scent. The smell of sativa is more like a fresh, wild field that might remind you of a day out exploring the high Sierran foothills at the peak of spring. When you look at sativa and indica buds side by side, you’ll also notice that indica strains have dark reddish and purple “hairs” running through them (these are the stigmas of the plant’s pistils) – sativa flower is characterized by a brighter orange and yellowish-gold color.

Sativa for the Golden State

Our locations stock only the most interesting and inspired Sativa varieties from our time-tested, award-winning growers. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff are committed to passionate, people-first service because blüm is dedicated to helping our med and rec clientele find what they’re looking for – even when they aren’t yet sure what they are looking for. It’s why first-time partakers and long-time enthusiasts alike have made us one of the largest cannabis retailers in the U.S.A. Our dedication to quality is as high as it gets. All of our products – from flowers to extracts and beyond – are accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis from fully equipped testing laboratories. 

Shop Sativa Products at blüm

As we make our way through our days, it can help to let our minds truly unwind as we go. To keep us burning bright and loving life, it’s as though the world itself created the Sativa strain in a spirit of play! Could it be said that it’s the plant kingdom’s version of man’s best friend? We think so – and our numerous satisfied customers couldn’t agree more. Stop by any of our dispensaries or shop online at our Santa Ana, Oakland, or San Leandro locations to place an order today, and know that you’ve got the people’s favorite dispensary at your side.


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