weed extracts. peoplescali.comAre you looking for high-quality THC extracts or cannabis products? blüm is California’s leading marijuana dispensary with a countrywide customer base. blüm Santa Ana is one of the largest cannabis dispensaries in the US, selling a broad range of cannabis products, from pre-rolls to edibles. 

blüm supplies quality-sourced marijuana products to match our clients’ expectations. You can order our marijuana products by visiting our shop or shopping online for speedy deliveries. Read further to find out more about our THC extracts.

Why We’re the Best

blüm is an industry leader in providing and supplying high-quality weed products. We ensure our products are gotten from quality sources and made using the best techniques and processes. We are a fully compliant and licensed facility. Consequently, all our THC extracts and cannabis products have been thoroughly tested for quality via a state-licensed lab.

In addition, we have a wide range of cannabis products to satisfy different needs, whether it is the mode of consumption or level of intensity. Our cannabis product category features flowers, pre-rolls, vaporizers, concentrates, edibles, topicals, accessories, and apparel. We also supply weed products in different strains and strengths for other users, from beginners to veteran marijuana users.

Our representatives also provide expert opinion and advice on usage, doses, and anything cannabis-related. Our staff is fully dedicated and passionate about empowering and guiding you throughout your personalized cannabis experience. 

At blüm, we respect your need for privacy and discretion. As such, we deliver your orders fast and discreetly. Rest assured, your privacy and data remain solely with us. 

Pick Up Your Cannabis Concentrates from BLüM

Are you shopping for cannabis extracts or cannabis products? blüm is the best (cannabis) marijuana product shops in Santa Ana, Oakland, and San Leandro with a physical and an online presence. Contact us to learn more or order from our wide selection of cannabis extracts quick and easy by visiting our Santa Ana, Oakland, or San Leandro online menus.

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Our Concentrates (aka: Extracts)

Under the common definition of extracts, we supply and provide different types of cannabis extracts. Usually, cannabis extracts are named for their textures. These range from liquid cannabis oil extracts to dry and crumbly THC cannabis extracts such as crumble. Below are the different types of extracts we carry. 


Wax is a cannabis extract with a relatively sticky, stretchy texture. It is rich in cannabinoids and terpenes extracted using a solvent via the hydrocarbon extraction process. Our wax concentrates mirror the consistency of candle wax. 


Crumble is a dry and crumbly cannabis extract created using a Hydrocarbon machine—just like wax. However, it is much drier than wax and shatters concentrates. It easily falls apart, unlike other extract types. 


Shatter is a cannabis extract with brittle and easily snapped final textures, and it also goes through the Hydrocarbon process. Shatter is also high in terpenes and cannabinoids.


Budder is usually made with butane. It is also ‘whipped’ until it assumes a texture similar to butter. 


It is also known as ‘terp sauce’ because of its high terpenes level. Terp sauce is the most flavorful of most cannabis concentrates. It is created via CO2 extraction and features a liquid, sticky, and sandy-like consistency.

Live Resin 

Live Resin is similar to other concentrates except it uses frozen, freshly harvested cannabis in the extraction process, skipping drying and curing phases.

Hash Rosin

Hash Rosin involves a double refinement process, in which a concentrate is further refined into a more high-quality product. This new substance is incredibly pure and melts immediately since it carries no plant matter. La crème de la crème. 

Dry Sift Kief

Kief is the result of removing resin glands from cannabis and then sifting them via various screens. This process doesn’t involve the use of any solvent. 


A tincture is technically an extract since it utilizes alcohol to pull out cannabinoids from plant matter to create a super potent concentrate. 

Our weed extracts are of the best quality and intended to satisfy your various marijuana needs. Reach out to us with your special orders for cannabis products.