Edibles are a more comfortable and controllable means of using cannabis than smoking. As the name suggests, edibles are drinks or food products laced or infused with cannabis. Edibles may provide extended and more intense effects than other cannabis products.

THC edibles are best for people beginning their cannabis journey and experience and those who don’t like to smoke or vape. 

blüm is a modern-day weed dispensary in California. We help you have enjoyable experiences with your cannabis consumption. Our marijuana edibles vary in type and strength and can help you achieve various effects at different intensities. Read further about our edibles products and why you should purchase your cannabis edibles from blüm. 

Our Edibles

Edibles come in different varieties and tastes. You can enjoy your favorite snack laced or infused with weed, regardless of the snack type. Our broad range of edibles includes:


Chewy cannabis-laced gummies come in various shapes, fruity colors, and variations. We are a licensed distributor of different cannabis gummy brands. Flavors available in cannabis gummy edibles include green apple, peach, strawberry, cherry, and watermelon. 

Baked goods

Weed brownies typically come to mind when people mention ingestible cannabis. However, bakers can use cannabis in cupcakes, muffins, cookies, and other baked goods.


Chocolate laced with cannabis is an easy-to-consume alternative to enjoying the weed effect.

Hard candy

Cannabis hard candies, lollipops, lozenges, and suckers are considered dual-absorption products with low-to-medium potency levels. 


Beverages such as tea, cocoa, coffee, and soda present an option for infusing cannabis and achieving the desired effect. Besides these beverages, you can also add tinctures or extracts directly under your tongue for quick absorption. 

Our cannabis edibles are carefully and uniquely crafted to ensure safe and enjoyable consumption. The THC level within the product is typically within a safe level to provide and promote safe product usage. 

During the making process, THC is infused into either cannaoil or cannabutter. Cannaoil mixes easily with any type of oil, whereas cannabutter is the perfect replacement for ordinary butter used in baking or preparing snacks. On the other hand, cannabis extract or tincture drops are added to drinks and mixed when making liquid edibles. 

What We Offer

We have different marijuana edible options at blüm with varying THC levels depending on the edible type. The edibles are made from other cannabis flowers and are intended to appeal to any level of cannabis user. Our cannabis expert staff can help you find out the best marijuana edible form to suit your taste, needs, and lifestyle. 

Why Choose BLüM?

We are a fully dedicated cannabis dispensary serving residents of California with top-of-the-line cannabis products, ranging from edibles to flowers. In addition, we appeal to our current and new customers for several reasons, including our top-quality, tested, and certified products. Our edibles are made with all our clients’ concerns in mind. 

Additionally, our edibles are available from different brands, allowing you to personalize your order according to your preferences. Our cannabis experts will advise you on the differences in the products and the benefits of each, allowing you to stay fully informed during your purchase process. We help you understand the usage and dosage of cannabis weed edibles to help you achieve the desired effect without overdoing it.

Besides weed edibles, we also offer multiple cannabis products such as flowers, carts, and extracts. Are you looking to enjoy cannabis as your favorite snack? 

Shop online at our Santa Ana, Oakland, or San Leandro locations or visit us in-store to discover more about our cannabis products and services. 

Image by Karen Culp/ shutterstock.com