If you are searching for a top-shelf flower at reasonable prices, you are right. blüm is the top cannabis product vendor in Santa Ana, Oakland, and San Leandro. If this is your first time visiting browse our vast selection of flower, sourced from various cannabis flower brands countrywide, at our Santa Ana, Oakland, or San Leandro locations

About Our Flower

blüm supplies cannabis flowers from different brands and with varying characteristics. Additionally,  we collaborate directly with US cannabis farmers with years of experience growing the plant under various high-quality conditions. Our marijuana flower products are constantly fresh and are hand-trimmed to perfection. As a result, we ensure our clients get access to the best weed flower products. 

We supply three primary varieties of cannabis flowers. These include:


Indica cannabis is characterized by efficient levels of THC and flavorful terpenes. It provides a greater sense of relaxation, making it an excellent choice for relaxing at the end of the day. 


Our Sativa strains also contain high levels of THC and terps. People often associate Sativa with daytime activities and heightened creativity. Sativa fans often report being more talkative and focused than usual. 


Hybrid cannabis is the perfect solution for individuals seeking a combination of energy and relaxation. Hybrid cannabis flowers possess the quality of sativas and indicas. 

Reach out to the professionals at blüm to learn more about the different strains we supply and their benefits.

In addition, we supply multiple varying accessories for consuming these flower strains, including pre-rolled joints, vape pens, and pipes. 

Our Cannabis Flower Brands

We offer different weed flower brands at blüm sourced from various outlets and farmers. Some of the common marijuana flower brands we supply include:

  • A Golden State
  • Amplified Farms
  • Blem
  • Canndescent
  • CBX
  • Claybourne
  • Cream of the Crop
  • Fig Farms
  • FloraCal
  • High Supply
  • Jeeter
  • Korova
  • Kush Boys
  • Malibu
  • Northern Emeralds
  • Pacific Stone
  • Seed Junky
  • THC Design
  • West Coast Cure

Browse our cannabis flower brands selections to choose the best flower brand for your marijuana needs.

Why Choose BLüM?

blüm is a state-recognized and licensed cannabis dispensary selling multiple cannabis products. Our products and services make us stand out from our competitors in Santa Ana, Oakland, and San Leandro, CA. Our cannabis flower is fresh and sourced directly from top-level ganja farmers. Rest assured, our products have been tested in a safe lab and certified for consumption. 

We advise our customers, including beginners, on proper cannabis flower usage. Our expert reps can advise you on the different types of flower strains, their effects, and consumption methods. Your safety is our concern when using cannabis products sourced from our shop. 

Our shop supplies a wide variety of marijuana products, featuring several branded options. By having access to all the available brand and product type options, you can curate your weed usage and experience. 

Buy Your Flower from BLüM

blüm supplies the California with fresh, high-quality cannabis flowers. Our prices vary greatly and are user-friendly. Visit us in-st0re or shop online at our Santa Ana, Oakland, or San Leandro locations and place your order today! You can also always contact us to learn more about the various cannabis flower brands or any relevant information.