What Are Pre-Rolls?

Pre-rolls are one of the easiest ways to enjoy your favorite cannabis strains. They are incredibly convenient, easy to transport, and can provide a discreet smoking experience. 

The cannabis pre-roll is similar to a traditional marijuana joint. Instead of being hand-rolled, pre-rolls are carefully crafted and filled by a rolling machine. Pre-rolls might also be known as “marijuana cigarettes.” Manufacturers can fill pre-rolls with various cannabis products, including flowers and concentrates to deliver a unique smoking experience. 

Many cannabis users prefer using pre-rolls because they eliminate the mess of rolling your joints. There is no wasted cannabis and no ruined rolling papers. Instead, you get a perfectly made, consistent product each time. You can also extinguish the pre-roll mid-burn, so you only use as much as you need. Once extinguished, you can put the pre-roll back in the pack and save the rest for later. Because the effects of smoking a pre-roll happen within minutes, it’s much easier to control your cannabis experience than consuming edibles, which could take several hours to start working.

Marijuana pre-rolls are a convenient way to enjoy various strains, too. You can keep your favorite varieties on hand while experimenting with new cannabis flavors, strains, and concentrations. Pre-rolls can be a safer way to enjoy cannabis, too. You’ll always know what you are getting when you smoke weed pre-rolls. You’ll never have to worry about smoking a mystery joint again. You’ll see what you are smoking, how much, and precisely what that pre-roll contains. That makes it easy to track the effects of different strains and identify what works best for you, giving you more control over your cannabis journey.

To use a cannabis pre-roll, open your pack and light the end opposite the mouthpiece. Once it catches fire and starts to burn, you can inhale using the pre-roll like any other joint. You should feel the effects of smoking a cannabis pre-roll within a few minutes and the full effects within two hours.

BLüM Pre-Rolls

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