THC topicals.

Cannabis topicals come in balms, creams, oils, salves, and sprays. They are designed for direct skin application and can be used for various needs, including first aid, skincare, and cosmetics. Cannabis topicals are famous for their benefits, including anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and anti-acne effects for some users. Topical cannabis products, other than transdermal patches, are not designed to cause a psychoactive response, making them perfect for everyday use. While they do not have psychoactive effects, topicals should be applied incrementally at first to understand how they affect you as an individual user.

Cannabis topicals allow users to have the benefits of CBD and THC applied directly to the skin. The skin absorbs the product, allowing the CBD and THC to penetrate deeper layers of the skin. Topicals often have other beneficial ingredients that work with cannabinoids to treat specific concerns and needs. If you’re wondering how topicals can help you, keep reading.

Benefits of Topicals

Topicals are most commonly used for skincare and cosmetics because of cannabis’ skin benefits. Cannabinoids work to reduce inflammation, calming the skin and helping to reduce minor skin issues. Cannabis topicals are also known to provide minor pain relief for some users. 

Benefits of topicals include:


Topicals are anti-inflammatory, but the effects can vary significantly from person to person. While you may need to combine a topical with an anti-inflammatory medicine to see the full benefits, some of the most common uses include insect bites and stings, joint pain, muscle pain, burns, swelling, minor cuts, and bruises. While cannabis topicals don’t cure these conditions, some people have reported relief after use.

Pain Relief

In addition to the anti-inflammatory benefits, topicals can also help numb pain. While it is still unclear whether topicals can relieve sharper pain, such as arthritis and muscle strains, they may be able to reduce minor aches in some users. Topicals are often used for minor muscle pain and joint pain.


Cannabinoids are full of antioxidants that can help prevent skin damage from the sun. This can help to slow wrinkling and reduce fine lines. There are many options for topicals containing cannabinoids that can help combat aging and sun damage, allowing you to add them into your skincare routine easily.


Some research suggests that cannabis topicals may be able to lower the skin’s oil production, leading to a decrease in acne in some users. These effects are dependent on the cause of the acne. Cannabinoids also have antiseptic properties, helping clean the skin and reducing acne-causing bacteria.

Common Uses

The most common way to use cannabis topicals is as a balm, cream, lotion, or oil. The product is rubbed into the affected areas of the skin. Topicals are also available in products like salves, sprays, and patches that you can apply to the skin. Transdermal patches are the most potent form of cannabis topicals and the only topical capable of giving users a high. 

About Our Topicals

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