Ways to Consume Medical Marijuana, Part 2

In our last article, we tackled several common methods of medical marijuana consumption. There are a few more ways to explore the wide selection of products found in medical marijuana stores in Orange County, CA.

Many people are turning to medical cannabis in search of a solution to their health issue. There is no ultimate consumption method. Each person responds to therapy differently. Depending on your condition and the way your body reacts to a certain way of consumption, you can achieve optimal relief, treat and alleviate the symptoms, and improve the quality of your life. With the help of the knowledgeable and polite staff at medical marijuana stores in Orange County CA, everyone can find the best way to get those cannabinoids into their system.


There are various types of beverages available, such as juices, teas, sodas and even smoothies. Just like edibles, beverages have a slow-acting but long-lasting effect. Because they travel through the digestive system, it takes a while for the effects to kick in, usually between 30 minutes and two hours.

Beverages can also provide relief of anxiety and stress. Though it’s difficult to maintain strict dosing, these beverages are an alternative to smoking and vaporizing because there’s no risk of lung irritation.


Medical marijuana also comes in the form of pill or capsules, just like any other medication. Capsules are a good alternative to smoking, just be mindful of their potency.  They tend to be very concentrated, so make sure you know how strong your dosage is.


Tinctures and sprays are a quick way to get the much-needed relief. The mixture of cannabinoid extracts and oil, glycerin or alcohol comes in a small bottle and it’s taken in small doses. You can easily control the dosage.

To consume it, place a couple of drops of the cannabis tincture under the tongue using an eye-dropper. When the tincture is absorbed through the skin or mucus membranes into the bloodstream, you’ll feel the effects immediately. It takes effect faster than edibles. Though the effects don’t kick in as fast as in case of inhalation, you’ll avoid lung irritation.

Tinctures have a mild taste and you can also add them to food, but keep in mind that it will slow the absorption. Also, when a tincture is exposed to air for too long, it is subject to evaporation, which decreases the potency of an active ingredient.

Ingestion of fresh medical cannabis

By ingesting raw leaves of marijuana you can preserve all the active ingredients, even the ones that may be lost in the heating or drying process. Most people who turn to this method add fresh marijuana to smoothies and juices and drink it right away to make the most of its benefits.

The downside is that a regular daily dose is approximately 15 leaves and a few buds, which is quite a supply. Also, it’s hard to determine the exact dose of medicinal compounds. And don’t forget that cannabis has to travel through the digestive system, so you’ll have to wait for the effects to kick in.

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