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What is blüm doing to keep the community safe and healthy?

All in-store staff are required to maintain good hygiene practices, which include frequent hand washing, regular sanitizer use, and glove-changing. blüm uses a third-party cleaning staff to continuously sanitize and disinfect surfaces, including our tablets, counters and handrails. All kiosks are routinely disinfected and sanitized, as well as all high-traffic areas.

blüm has also increased its delivery staff to provide cannabis to those self-quarantining safely at home.


What’s the difference between THC and CBD?

THC and CBD are both present in cannabis plants. The short answer is that THC provides a “high” and is psychoactive. CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning that it won’t provide a “high,” and has anti-inflammatory properties. THC and CBD complement each other and can intensify each other’s positive effects. You can learn more from the friendly, helpful retail Guides at blüm stores.

blüm is a legal and fully-licensed California cannabis retailer. All cannabis products sold in our stores are tested on a full-spectrum panel for potency, heavy metals and pesticides.


How much cannabis can I buy?

Under the Bureau of Cannabis Control’s regulations, recreational cannabis customers are able to purchase up to 1 ounce of cannabis flower or 8 grams of cannabis concentrate.

The limit on products such as edibles, which are made with cannabis concentrate, are calculated by the amount of THC in the package. Edibles typically contain 100 milligrams per package (and 5–10 mg per edible). That means that a guest at People’s would be able to purchase 80 packages of edibles in one day.


Do I need to be a medical marijuana patient to shop at blüm?

No, you do not need to be a medical marijuana patient to shop at blüm. We are licensed both as a legal adult-use and medicinal cannabis retailer and can sell to anyone over the age of 21.

How is buying medical cannabis different from buying recreational cannabis?

Medical and recreational cannabis shoppers have access to the same products. However, medical cannabis purchasers are able to buy up to 8 ounces of cannabis flower. Additionally, any qualified patient who possesses a Medical Marijuana Identification Card issued under section 11362.71 of the Health and Safety Code is exempt from paying the sales and use taxes on purchases of medicinal cannabis.

Please be aware that the tax exemption in the Revenue and Taxation Code only applies to sales and use tax. The exemption does not apply to the 15% excise tax or other taxes that may apply to the purchase of cannabis goods.

More information about the Medical Marijuana Identification Card Program, including how to apply for a card, is available on the California Department of Public Health’s website.

I’m from another state or country. Can I shop at blüm?

Yes, you can shop at blüm. We accept any U.S. or state government-issued photo ID, as long as it is not expired. Customers from foreign countries must use their passport for identification.

What do I need to bring with me to blüm?

The only item you will need is a government-issued photo ID that is not expired. This includes driver’s licenses and passports. You do not need a medical marijuana prescription to shop at blüm cannabis retail store locations.

Is blüm cash-only?

Not at all! blüm accepts debit, credit, and cash in-store.

What is last call?

As a licensed California cannabis retailer, we are required to close our tills at 10 PM sharp. In order to ensure that your order can be processed, our Last Call to order any products is begins at 9:30 PM.

How can I see which products are currently in stock at People’s?

You can view our current stock by visiting Santa Ana, Oakland, and San Leandro menus! All items are subject to availability.

Is tax included in the price?

No. There is an additional 15% California Cannabis Excise Tax and California Sales Tax of 10.25% added to your purchase. Cannabis retailers in the City of Oakland and San Leandro are required to charge a local tax of 5% on cannabis products. 

Does blüm have holiday hours?

Depends on the holiday and store location. Check back here because we will update this section with any upcoming holiday hours, if applicable.

Is blüm opening another store?

We don’t want to let the cat out of the bag just yet, but we may have additional locations opening up in the future (shhh). To stay up-to-date on what we’re doing, you can sign up for our newsletter on our homepage.


Can I order online?

Yes, blüm offers online ordering!

You can begin shopping by visiting our Santa Ana, Oakland, and San Leandro menus!

Can I order cannabis delivery?

All online orders are available for in-store pickup at all of our locations! 

We offer delivery at no additional charge within a 30-mile radius of our Santa Ana location with minimum purchase of $50. That’s right. No delivery fees! We deliver within 30 miles of our Santa Ana store.

If I’m outside of the delivery ranges, can you ship me cannabis?

blüm cannot ship cannabis products. We know we have some cannabis fans in other states and other countries who would love to purchase from our menu. We cannot send these guests’ products through the mail, but we look forward to serving them in person during their next visit to California!



Does blüm sell CBD flower?

Depends on the store location. We typically have several strains of high-CBD cannabis flower in our store. You can ask our cannabis Guides about our offerings in-store or check out our stock on at any of our Santa Ana, Oakland, and San Leandro locations! Just filter by “CBD” in the menu.

Does CBD flower smell and taste like normal cannabis?

Some types of cannabis flower have high THC and some have high CBD, but they are ultimately the same plant. High-CBD flower smells and tastes just like “normal” cannabis. If you’re still a little skeptical, test it out for yourself—we think you’ll love our CBD flower. Just visit any of our Santa Ana, Oakland, and San Leandro menus!


I ate an edible and it didn’t work. Should I eat two?

If you eat a cannabis-infused edible and don’t immediately feel anything, just wait! Cannabis edibles are powerful, but sometimes take a while to “kick in.” Hold steady for 1–2 hours before you consider eating another one.

What are the effects of marijuana tea or cannabis beverages?

Marijuana tea and other marijuana beverages will have the same effects as a standard marijuana edible.

What are the therapeutic benefits of marijuana tea or cannabis beverages?

Cannabis-infused drinks have the same benefits as all other types of edibles—mind effects, body effects, and the anti-inflammatory properties of some of the active compounds found in cannabis.


Will I get high if I use cannabis topicals?

The THC from cannabis-infused topicals is not able to go through the skin and into the bloodstream. Because it cannot enter your bloodstream, it will not affect your cannabinoid system, and you cannot get high.

Some topical products (such as patches) are transdermal, but they are clearly labeled as such. Transdermal patches do allow some THC to enter the bloodstream, but you will not likely notice significant psychoactive effects with those.

Can I use topical CBD for anxiety?

You can use topical CBD for anything you would like to use it for! Try out a variety of products and see what works best. We look forward to helping you find the best topical for your lifestyle and needs.

How often can I use my topical CBD?

You can use your topical CBD as often as you would like. Some studies have indicated that regular use of CBD products improves its efficacy. Try adding it to your daily or weekly routine and see what works best for you.


Does CBD oil get you high?

People’s is licensed to sell marijuana, and our CBD products are all marijuana-derived. This means that the CBD oil sold in our store contains at least trace amounts of THC. Taking a standard dose of CBD oil should not yield any psychoactive effects, however.

How does CBD oil make you feel?

CBD is not psychoactive, so you should not notice any psychoactive effects. Some recent studies have indicated that CBD use may decrease stress and have other positive mental effects and therapeutic benefits, but further studies are recommended.

How much CBD oil should I take?

Any cannabis product purchased in our store should have dosing suggestions included on the box or bottle. Please consult your product’s instructions to find out what your appropriate dosage is.

How much THC oil should I take?

As with CBD oils, your product will have dosing guidelines on the box or bottle it came in. With THC, start slow and give yourself a low dose, then increase as necessary.

How long does it take for CBD oil to work?

Because CBD is not psychoactive, the only effect you will likely notice is lower inflammation. The amount of time it takes to notice these effects will vary by the individual and the dosage. We recommend consulting a medical professional for any medical advice on CBD products.


What are dabs?

“Dab” is a slang term for taking a small amount of cannabis concentrates such as wax, shatter, kief, or live resin. They are high-potency cannabis products and highly concentrated.

Is a dab pen the same as dabs?

A dab pen is a device used to vaporize and consume cannabis concentrates.

Does a dab pen count as smoking?

Using a dab pen is an easy and convenient way to consume cannabis concentrates. Because the concentrate is vaporized, instead of burned, using a dab pen is different from smoking.


Are there any sales right now?

Yes! blüm always has limited time offers on our favorite products and brands. Hop on over to our deals calendar to learn more about our current offerings!

Is there a veteran’s discount?

Yes, we offer a 10% veterans’ discount. Make sure to bring your Veteran ID card so our friendly receptionists can verify your eligibility.

Is there a first-time visitor discount?

We do not offer a first-time discount. However, we do have a loyalty program that guests can redeem for rewards.

Is there a loyalty program?

blüm offers a rewards program for our loyal customers! For every 200 points a customer receives through the program, the customer receives $10 off their next purchase.

Sign up with your preferred location today!

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The Company reserves the right to change, alter, revise and/or cancel the loyalty program at any point and for any reason whatsoever which may include setting time limits within which a customer may use the points. Moreover, there is no guarantee that should the Company switch to another system that the points will transfer and/or be redeemable which could result in the customer losing any accrued but unused points.


Can I exchange a defective product at blüm?

Any defective products can be exchanged at our store. For customers who are unable to come into the store, please visit our contact page to send us a message with your full name as it appears on your ID card, your birth date, and an explanation of the issue. We will be back in touch with next steps! 

Do I need my receipt to return a product?

You do not need your receipt to return a product. However, you will need to provide your full name and birth date so we can locate the transaction.

Can I return a product for someone else?

Unfortunately, we cannot conduct proxy returns. Whoever purchased the product will need to request the return.


What is personally identifiable information?

Personally identifiable information (PII) is any data that has the potential to identify a specific individual. This can include a person’s name, email address, phone number, driver’s license number, etc.

What types of data does blüm collect and store?

blüm collects your full name, email address, and birth date (to ensure individuals are 21+) when you sign up for a customer account.

When you visit our store, we collect your name, address, birth date, and a description of any products purchased.

Why does blüm store my information?

In order to remain compliant with the Bureau of Cannabis Control regulations, a cannabis retailer must keep records of products purchased and track them accordingly.

Does blüm sell my information?

No, blüm does not sell personal information of any of our customers.

How does blüm use my information?

blüm uses personal data to better serve our customers. This includes improving our product selection, website, and the effectiveness of marketing campaigns or promotions. Personal data is also used to meet any compliance obligations.

How does blüm keep my personal data safe?

blüm uses encryption technology to help protect personal data.

How does blüm share my information?

We share your information with vendors who help us with specialized services, including email and text message deployment, analytics, marketing, and data processing. These service providers are allowed to use your contact information to help us provide our services and not for any other purpose.

Can I request for my information to be deleted?

If you request, we will delete or anonymize your personal data so that it is no longer personally identifying. You can make a deletion request by completing and submitting our information delete request form